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Se você tem dúvidas sobre partes específicas do software recomendamos o uso interno em treinamentos de vídeo que você pode encontrar em "Ferramentas" Interton em avaliam software.
Below you can find the installation guide if you need support with the installation process. You can also find the Interton user guide to make yourself familiar with software screens and functions. 


Guia de Instalação

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Avaliar 2,1 suporte para vídeo

How to adjust patient's profile

This short video will show you all counseling options, REM module and patient's profile setting to help you provide best possible fit and customer service.

How to modify physical configuration

This short video will show you how to adjust venting options, ear moulds, open fitting tubes and domes.

How to reconfigure hearing aid

This short video will show you how to reconfigure hearing aid. You need to do that if for example changing receiver from Normal Power to High Power Gain.

How to complete first fit

In this 4 minutes video you will see how to complete first fit from Patient's profile to Patient's report. This demonstration is performed on binaural wireless fitting of two Cosmo 6 RIE devices.

How to use main adjustments

In this short video you will see what options you can set in main adjustments menu.

How to use tools

In this short video you will see what additional tools you can use during fitting session and how do they work.

How to handle WL accessories and AutoPhone

This short video will show you how to acivate or/and remove wireless accesories and how to activate AutoPhone feature.